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It's one thing when all the other kids want it. It's another when you the only one that's got it...

Don't be jealous, even though
our toys are bigger and better, and
shout louder than a cupcake in the corner, we like to share. Check out how we, at Chaos Theory, can help make your event the one to remember.

About Us

Who We Are. Chaos in Action

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Chaos Theory provides niche products & service solutions to corporate and social events.

We believe in taking the time to understand the challenges facing your project, to ensure we creatively deliver the optimum solution to event day scenarios.

Our main focus is to produce excellent events by working closely with clients, identifying their target markets, creating effective launch strategies & delivering on promises. Our skills at interpreting briefs and translating this into meaningful activations are what set us apart from our competitors.

We are NOT "spreadsheet" jockeys – we run events with a "hands on" approach to engaging the target market – our clients!

The company was formed on a passion and drives to service you - the client... You are unique & your brand should be too!

bringing order
to your chaos

We are a group of inspired event professionals who love the challenge of adding value to your world.

We find the "next best thing", and make it the "right here right now idea" - designed to make your guests buzz with excitement, and your event resonate with messaging.

We strive on bringing order to the chaos of events, with a range of services that will probably blow your mind.


Meet Our Awesome Team.

brent lindeque

Brent is the heartbeat of Chaos Theory.

It is his brainchild, his daily passion, and to be frank (or any other name) the organisation is infused with his energy and zest for life. Not just a pretty face, Brent’s creative juices flow frequently through the halls of Chaos HQ. (literally, not figuratively, that’s
just gross)!

As the main client facing day-to-day, get-it-done-right-first-time sort of guy that he is, he is always pushing boundaries to create memorable activations with a healthy dose of “amazing” and a side order of “blow-you-away” at no extra charge!

He is an avid cross-fit fanatic who can often be found inside a morph-suit, choreographing a flash-mob, loading a photo-booth, facilitating a team-build, or balancing the books – he is
THAT talented!

nikki abbott

Nikki is a machine!

Not an ugly, mechanical, oily machine mind you, we are thinking more along the lines of a pretty, dainty, don’t-mess-with-me sort of machine.

As the operational brains at Chaos HQ she can often been seen juggling promotional staff call times, with team building guest lists to make sure that the finely honed Chaos Theory machine operates flawlessly, all the time.

She is an avid horse-rider who loves nothing more to spend time in the saddle, on one of her two horses. Nikki has a posh English accent that is actually real, we don’t pay her extra to talk like that.

megan skews

Megan has the best job in the world, we pay her to play on social media all day.

As our community manager for our growing portfolio of Social Media clients, Megan lives in a world where content is king, or in her case Queen! She can often be found trawling the soft underbelly of the inter-web finding cool content, and angles to use in the info streams of her clients. Racking up more hours in Twitter and Facebook than most 12 year olds, we allow her to walk around in the sun-light once in a while, just to make sure she remembers which way is up.

Megan is a bundle of energy, fun and laughter, and a proud mother to Chaos Theory’s unofficial mascot, 3 year old Rylan.

sales team

We call ourselves Activation Architects...

but that just means we get to be super creative at activating your brand... in the best possible way.

Our dedicated sales team work around the clock to assist you with all your activation needs.

Get in touch with them now should you need any info.


Focus Days
Industrial Theatre
Event Scents
Faux Snow
Designing Your Own Chaos
Holograms, Tables and More
Instant Mobile Interactions (IMI)
Team Builds
Interactive Motion Graphics (IMG)
Activation Amplifiers

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