How We Work

We do whatever it takes to deliver immersive and integrated experiences across a diverse skill­‐set.

Our Beliefs

We believe experiential skills are more important than ever before in the evolving marketing mix.

We believe the modern day customer has evolved, and historical methodology needs to adapt to keep pace and be relevant.

We believe disruption is dead.

We believe brands need to stop interrupting consumers from what they are interested in, and become what they are interested in.

We believe that real consumer engagement comes from forming passionate associations with brands through compelling and real content.

Our Operating Model
We engage our clients through three primary channels of engagement.
Direct with Client

We enjoy direct relationships with many of our clients, and are briefed and supply turn-key experiential strategies and solutions direct to end user.

Supplier to Agency

Within the Agency environment we operate like any normal third party supplier and take a brief as and when required.

We respond to brief with a both detailed experiential proposal and line item budget.

We provide transparent costing documents with clearly defined management fees and client specific reporting models.

In-House with Agency

We supply an integrated agency activation team that compliments the existing agency AccMan and Creative.

Dependent on work-­‐load and client base we either place a dedicate resource in-­house to work full time on agency experiential requirements or allocate a floating project team, on-­call.

Advantages of this model are an entirely integrated experiential solution from strategy and brainstorm forwards, bill-­back to agency and the ability to increase billable studio and AccMan fees on additional out-­of‐scope projects.

Our Skills

We do whatever it takes to deliver immersive and integrated experiences across a diverse skill-set.
  • Event Management, Creation, Staging and Production
  • Experiential Sampling Programmes
  • Conference Strategy, Staging, Content and Production
  • Exhibition Strategy, Exhibit Design and Engagement Programmes
  • Sponsorship Rights Evaluation and Negotiation
  • Sponsorship Leveraging Programmes, Hospitality and Rights Management
  • Large Event Project Management
  • Influencer Marketing and Talent Contracting
  • Experiential Strategy
  • Digital/Social Media Strategy, Management and Integration