We craft tailored sponsorship solutions that create opportunities for brands to passionately connect with fans through real and relevant engagement across multiple platforms.

Corporate Events

We have delivered events around the country, continent and globe for corporates. From breaking world records to small bespoke experiences our attention to detail is matched by our desire to create lasting connections with brands.

Sports Events

We manage and deliver match-day presentation programmes in stadia around the globe for brands, rights-holders and for the fans.

Live Events

We create, manage and run film festivals, drive-in’s, live music experiences, markets, immersive cinema screenings and bespoke solutions for corporate, hospitality, brands and live consumers alike.


We were streaming to the web way before it was cool. We deliver tailored online streaming solutions for public, corporate and paid audiences using cutting edge technology and in-studio, in-office, on location or entirely virtual production solutions.

Cinema Licencing

We proudly represent Filmbankmedia, one of the largest licensors of cinema content from studios such as Disney, Fox, Sony, Marvel and Warner Bros in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Using Insights to Innovate

We Are an independent, award winning experiential agency with a unique channel agnostic approach to getting the job done.

We use our global experience to deliver award winning solutions across Sponsorships, Corporate Events, PR Stunts, Conferences and Live Consumer facing events across Africa and the globe.

We Are.

We are one of South Africa’s leading experiential solutions providers where Creative Concepts are Inspired into Action.


Established in 2010, the key management team of Chaos Theory has over 20 years global experience in delivering memorable events for some of the world’s leading brands.

What We

We deliver approximately 200 projects a year direct-to‐client, aligned with other agencies or embedded inside client and agencies as specialist service providers.

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