Cinema Licencing

We proudly represent Filmbankmedia, one of the largest licensors of cinema content from studios such as Disney, Fox, Sony, Marvel and Warner Bros in Sub-Saharan Africa.

For anything outside the traditional Cinema space, our goal is to demystify and make the magic of cinema content available to a broad cross-section of our market, through direct licensing combined with friendly advice in a confusing licensing landscape. From Drive-In’s to immersive themed cinema experiences our teams can also asset in creating the experience to bring the film to life, and have delivered the emotive power of cinema content to corporates for years. In addition, we are excited to bring to market innovative Filmbankmedia products such as virtual screening rooms that allow us to legally licence online movie screenings for schools and corporates, as well as Hollywood approved distribution systems to legally allow screenings to occur anywhere around the continent.

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Film Licencing FAQ or to request a licence for a movie screening


Our teams are privileged to have worked with some of the biggest, best and bravest brands in the world locally and internationally.