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Our Team

Our team are experts in their own field, highly experienced and love the challenge of creating real and relevant experiential solutions. Meet our key personnel below, and feel free to reach out to any one of them. They don’t bite!

Andrew Ross

Managing Director

Andrew has 20 years experience in sports marketiing, and events globally and has run companies since he was 21. He keeps the Chaos ship steering in the right direction, and drives the teams to be their best. Sometimes he gets this right!

James Cameron

General Manager

James has been with the senior Chaos team members for over 10 years and as the General Manager of the company is responsible for ensuring the day-to-day operations, team and clients are managed.

Brent Lindeque

Creative Director

Brent is a Chaos EXCO member, as well as being an influencer, celebrity chef, Mail & Guardian Top 200 Young South African's and all round Good Things Guy. He keeps the office energy levels up with his loud and infectious laugh.

Danielle Djurdjevic

Senior Project Manager

Danielle is a new mom and seasoned event pro with over 10 years international experience. She doesnt get much sleep at the moment, so don't make her cross!

Samke Ngcobo

Project Manager

Samke comes from a sponsorship leveraging background and works with the teams bringing sponsorship content to life across 16 African countries.

Patrick Mashegwana

Project Manager

Patrick is the best dressed member of Chaos, and comes from a PR background so is an excellent integrated communicator. He never uses 10 words when 50 will do.

Faith Nkosi

Head of Procurement

Faith is responsible for all operational procurement on Chaos Projects, and has an unwavering eye for detail. She eats budget overruns for breakfast and balances the books like a Pro.

Steph Morifi

Production Manager

Steph is one of our longest standing team members and knows pretty much all there is to know about our suppliers, and the best man for the job. She is living proof that dynamite comes in small packages.

Cheryl Macdougal

Financial Manager

Cheryl is the head money manager. She has the tough task of keeping everyone on the straight and narrow. Secretly she terrifies us all.